Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 33

And the tables turn! When we left off yesterday, we didn’t know if Jacob was blessed by God or dead meat. We waited while Esau’s army closed in and Jacob embarked on a night-long wrestling match with God. All the worry, preparation and complete freaking out Jacob did was for nought (or was it?) because Esau met Jacob with open arms and tears of joy. What a beautiful, restorative ending.

The end of the chapter speeds time way ahead, and it sounds like Jacob and Esau eventually live happily together – yet apart – in Canaan. It’s funny how Jacob (now Israel, let’s not forget) is the brother who received the promise to father God’s people, but he needed his brother Esau to get the job started off on the right foot. God has a way of bringing things full circle … over and over and over again.

Writing prompt: in conclusion

If you wrote a cliffhanger from yesterday’s writing prompt, give your readers the answers they want and need today! Hurry! There are people waiting to read your ending! If you didn’t write yesterday, today, summarize a life-long journey in just a few paragraphs. Try to keep it as short as Chapter 33.


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