Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 38

Naughty Judah. He’s up to no good again. Judah is the fourth son of Leah, so he’s got a little clout in the family tree. First, he devised the plot to sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites — because that was easier and more humane than killing him. I mean, “He is our own flesh and blood,” he said. Now, he’s moved off, married and had three sons, one of whom married Tamar. That husband was a meanie, though, so God took his life. The second son married her out of pity and refused to have children with her, so God killed him off, too. Then naughty Judah made a promise he had no intentions of keeping, so Tamar tricked him. What else is a girl to do?

In the end, Judah finally grew a conscience, and Tamar gave birth to twins, one of which is part of the greatest branch of any family tree ever planted. This branch will become a grafting branch, the vine and the root that keeps the whole family tree growing and thriving – and super shady! Wink. Wink. Ahem. Cough. And the branch will come from Judah – the naughty brother (well, one of them anyway), so if you think your own family tree is too shady to be accepted into the kingdom of God, just remember, there’s no tree shadier than the family tree of Jesus!

Writing prompt: shade

Throw some shade today. You don’t have to let anyone else read it, and you can destroy it when you’re finished, but write it down, read it back to yourself and pray for God to help you embrace the shade as the sun shines down on you!


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