Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 41

Joseph, by way of God, has done it again, by golly! He goes from prison to basically being crowned the vice-king in one day. The timing is divine and couldn’t have happened without several smaller steps we see unfold here: the pharaoh has a dream; the cup-bearer remembers Joseph; God interprets the dream; pharaoh believes Joseph; Joseph gets a kingdom, a wife and two children. Each little step here, in turn, is pinned to some other step in the past: Joseph was framed and thrown in prison; he met the baker and cup-bearer; he interpreted their dreams correctly. And let’s not forget that if we see connection from the past and present, we are bound to see some in the future!

I believe verses 33 to 36 give us a glimpse of things to come. I love how Joseph doesn’t just interpret the dream, he also offers a solution to the problem. Now, that’s putting your critical thinking skills to good use! I also love how Joseph doesn’t even know it yet, but he is creating the very atmosphere that eventually will draw his family straight to him. We get a little more foreshadowing of this in verse 57 where it starts, “And people from all around came to Egypt … “. I can’t wait to see which people and from where!

The names of Joseph’s two children also are points we shouldn’t overlook, as they are both a bit ironic. Manasseh reminds Joseph that he has forgotten his father’s family, but the meaning alone implies that he really hasn’t. Ephraim reminds Joseph that he is fruitful in the “land of his grief.” Again, a subtle and bitter-sweet reminder of everything Joseph has lost in order to be as blessed as he is.

Writing prompt: foreshadowing

Write about a real-life event in two parts. Use some foreshadowing in the first section to allude to second-section forthcomings.


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