Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 42

What a chain of events we see unfolding! Joseph is called out of prison to interpret a dream. He becomes governor of the land. His predictions come true. His brothers bow before him. And now he is on the verge of reuniting with his entire family. But will Jacob allow it? And what will Joseph’s reaction be? So much can be contemplated after the chapter’s end.

Joseph has Simeon in prison. I wondered why he chose Simeon. He is the second oldest son of Leah. I noticed, too, that the oldest son, Reuben, (who slept with his father’s other wife, Bilhah) was the one who offered up his children as collateral for taking Benjamin to Egypt and returning him home safely. I can’t decide what I think about Reuben.

I giggled a little when they opened their sacks and found their money returned. In the US, we’d be like, “Yippeeeeee!” But in the Middle East this would be a great insult! My friend from Lebanon was explaining to me recently (on a current topic – buying lunch at a restaurant) that being able to pay in a group setting is a cultural thing. It symbolizes a little clout, but also a respect for friendship, duty, integrity – and overall “ableness” to do so. This was a great insult to Joseph’s brothers. Rather than being refunded, they thought they were being rejected. Little do they know. 🙂

Writing prompt: chain of events

We’ve written on similar topics before. Pull out an old story and see if you can add some details or events that have occurred since that writing assignment was completed. If you did yesterday’s writing assignment, you already have something on which to expand!


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