Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 43

We haven’t even gotten to the end of the story, yet, and already I am almost weeping with joy! I only had one older sibling growing up, but I looked up to her all my life. Even when she was mean to me, I still wanted to be just like my big sis. Imagine how Joseph felt about his big brothers. He had 10 of them! He loved them so much and knew them so well, that years after they sold him to traders, he still treated them like kings and could still seat them by age. My sister used to hold me down and dangle loogies over my face. Sometimes, she’d slurp them back up, but sometimes those long strands of snot would break, and land right on my face – or in my ear because I’d turn my head. Then she’d tickle me until I either almost wet my pants or cried. I hated it. Yet, I still loved when she let me hang out with her or took me places in her car. Once in a while, she’d get me an ice cream from the Dairy Mart where she worked or take me cruising down Grand for an hour or so. She introduced me to orange sherbet with hot fudge and always made my Chicken Little sandwich just the way I liked it – plain, no mayo, no lettuce, no tomato – just the chicken strips and the bun! And even though my big sis was mean to me at home, she’d always protect me in the car when we’d go out. I’m pretty sure she invented the human seatbelt. This was the ‘80s before seatbelts were a thing. She’d slam on the breaks for one reason or another, and out would fly her arm to “stop” me from flying out of my seat. Anyone who was around in the ‘80s knows how well this works, but hey, she tried. She also taught me how to drive a stick. The first time was on Ohio street in Cherokee, Oklahoma, in her ‘79 Mustang hatchback. I killed it like four times in one block, and she was like, “Ok! That’s enough for today!” But she let me try again another time, and I finally got the swing of it. That’s my big sis. Today, my big sis and I don’t fight anymore, and I miss not getting to hang out with her because we live miles and miles and miles apart, but I know how good it feels when we get together every couple of years. I can’t even imagine how overwhelmed with joy – and confusion – Joseph must have felt. What a moment!

Writing prompt: sibling

Write about a time you had to forgive a sibling. If you don’t have a sibling, choose a good friend or close relative. (If you’ve never forgiven anyone, you should probably go a little deeper with this one. 😬)


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