Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 44

Judah’s been a bit of a scoundrel in the past. Remember, he was the “civilized” one who came up with he idea to sell Joseph to Ishmaelite traders, rather than kill him or shove him down a well, as the brothers originally planned. After all, he said in Chapter 37 (v. 27), Joseph is their brother – their own flesh and blood! Judah knew he made a grave mistake, so grave that years later, he believes he’s still being punished for that one sin – and he is! We can assume by the guilt he bears and the grief it still brings him that he’s probably lived a pretty righteous life since then. He seems so sincere in his anguish that by the end of his monologue, my poor heart is aching a bit for him. I think Joseph will feel the same, but if I were him, I’d still have that clump of bitterness and resentment in my throat that only true forgiveness can wash down. Honesty and confession is the best way to bring about forgiveness. In this case, WWJD, stands for “What will Judah do?” and “What will Joseph do?”. I can’t wait to find out!

Writing prompt: confession time

Have you got something on your chest you need to confess to someone? I think we all do. Write it out, and pray about how to present it to the person you need to confess to.


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