Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 45

What a moving chapter. I imagined it being played out on the big screen by some actor with a brilliant accent. It could have gone a thousand different ways, but I love the way it ends up – with an incredible display of forgiveness and dependence on God. Joseph takes his entire situation and gives God every single ounce of the credit and forgives his brothers to boot! How relieved they must have been! I noticed in verse 13, when Joseph tells his brothers to go get his father, he says, “Describe for him everything you have seen.” He doesn’t say, “Tell them how I got here, you miserable siblings!” We don’t really know if the brothers tell Jacob the whole story when they go back home. The “But” in verse 27, implying that Jacob was almost grieved by disbelief, makes me wonder if part of that grief came from the whole truth behind Joseph’s present situation. Either way, the ending is just too darn good!!!

Writing prompt: humility

Joseph displays more humility in this entire situation then I probably have mustered up for several events put together in all my life. A prominent point of humility can be described as “letting go of a grudge,” which is tough to do sometimes! Write about a time you either displayed a great amount of humility or a time you know you could have done wayyyyyy better. Urg. Hindsight.


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