Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Genesis 48

Underdog triumphs again! In this case, the underdog is Ephraim, the youngest of Joseph’s two boys. Why do you suppose time and time again God chooses the underdog? Just writing that question out and reading it with my eyes made me go, “Eureka! Because God wants to show us that he is so powerful that he can work through anyone!” It’s no secret that we all have our “place” in society. We can’t all be kings and presidents. Some of us are just lowly copywriters or teachers or missionaries – or at least that’s how we think of ourselves sometimes. Ephraim probably considered himself “just the younger brother,” and at that time being the son of Joseph probably didn’t mean much to him. Don’t ever underestimate your “place” in society. God uses the underdog in ways we can’t even imagine. Heck, he is most likely using you for something right now! You may never, ever know or see what that is (Ephraim most certainly didn’t), but guaranteed, God is doing a work through you and in you on this very day. Ephraim was just a boy receiving a blessing from his grandfather. He had no idea what significance that would hold 2,000+ years later. Joseph was a bit disappointed that Jacob blessed his younger son, rather than his rightful heir, Manasseh, the oldest. Unlike Jacob did in the past, though, Joseph didn’t argue, and he accepted his father’s surprise. I can almost hear the humbleness in Jacob’s voice, too, as he explains to Joseph about why he crossed his hands. Jacob was in the position of blessing his own grandchildren only because (or so he thought) he had tricked his own brother and father (twice) in order to receive the very inheritance and blessing he was now passing on. Of course, we know this was God’s plan all along, but it took faith and humility and lots of lessons along the way for Jacob to be able to humbly bestow his divine blessing on the next in line, and young Ephraim has no idea what is even going on!

Writing prompt: underdog

I LOVE underdogs. I love cheering for underdogs. I love seeing underdogs win. I love praying for underdogs. I love BEING an underdog! We all are underdogs in one way or another. Let’s embrace our underdoggedness today! Write about how you are unique, set apart and blessed by God in ways that no one else is.


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