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Bible studies for writers | Exodus 2

We all know the story of Moses. Even people who have never picked up a Bible at least know the name of Moses. He’s a popular guy. Here we see exactly where he came from, how he grew up and what spurred him on to become the Bible hero he is today. So since Moses is going to be the main character of the Book of Exodus, let’s break down some facts about him, shall we?

Moses is from the tribe of Levi (v. 1)
He had an older sister (v. 4)
He spent his younger years with his Hebrew family and in the Israelite community (vs. 9-10)
He spent his older, maturing years, as a princess’s son in the Egyptian kingdom and household (v. 10)
As he matured, he still remembered his family and his people and visited them (v. 11)
He maintained a bond with his Hebrew family and felt a deep compassion for them – deep enough to murder! (v. 12)
He fled to Midian (across the Red Sea, southeast of Goshen and south of Canaan, in present-day northern Saudi Arabia), not only to escape the wrath of his own people but from pharaoh as well (v. 15)
Even in a strange land, he still acts like a macho man (v. 17)
He marries the daughter of a priest (v. 16)
Moses starts a family in the land of Midian

So, by this point in Moses’ life, he’s kind of got three nationalities: Israelite, Egyptian and Midianite. He’s also a murderer, a runaway and a bit of a James Dean. (He protected seven girls from a rowdy band of shepherds! Swoon!)

These tidbits – and the fact that he is a writer (Moses is credited with writing the first five books of the Bible) – are about all we know about Moses. It’s generous of him to give us this very transparent insight about himself. He also gives us a little foreshadowing at the end of Chapter 1, but he really doesn’t let us know his significance in all this. Chapter 2 is written a little bit like the backstory to a testimony. Just imagine Moses giving a TED Talk. Haha. Moses had to let us know who he was, where he came from and why he was (and wasn’t) the most unlikely candidate ever to take part in any miraculous plan of God’s. The last line gives me chills: “He looked down on the people of Israel and knew it was time to act.” Buckle up, folks! This is only the beginning.

Writing prompt: Holy Moses

What do you think of Moses so far? Did you learn something new about him from this chapter? Write your own TED Talk about Moses, either when he was a young boy in Israel, a teenager in Egypt or a family man in Midian.


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