Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 3

Let’s unpack this famous chapter by first having a look at where Moses might be in his life. We learned in the last chapter that he ran away to Midian, married and had a son. Chapter 2, verse 3, says many years passed after that. So, Moses is settled in the land of Midian and probably considered a “local” by then. His father-in-law is the official priest over the whole land. Call me American, but picturing him as like a president’s official chaplain helps me visualize how important Jethro is. Moses, obviously, serves as a shepherd for his FIL’s flock – not a very prestigious position but nevertheless, one that allowed him to wander far off into the wilderness, clear across (or around) a branch of the Red Sea, and to Mount Sinai, the great mountain where all the exciting action happens. If I were writing a travel guide called “Top 10 Places to Visit & Attractions in the Holy Bible,” Mount Sinai definitely would be on the list! Here, God speaks to Moses through a burning bush, and the two fellas engage in what seems to be their first conversation. Now, Moses is just a shepherd, probably in his late 20s to early 40s (who knows, right? But this is how I’m picturing him based on what I know.). He’s no stranger to God. He spent the first years of his life in Israel, but still, imagine his fear and disbelief! This was a head-shaker, for sure. It’s one of those moments that when it’s over, you say to yourself, “Ummm, what just happened here?”

Writing prompt: unpack it

How are you picturing Moses as he’s experiencing all this? Expand more on his position, and also take a look at some of the other interesting tidbits in this chapter: one of my favorites is the names God gave Moses. Put your imagination to work, and have fun!


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