Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 4

Magic and Moses go hand in hand. Unfortunately, it’s chapters like this that lead many people to say, “I don’t believe everything in the Bible.” I am fascinated, though, by the thought of magic like this existing. Nowadays, magic is mostly seen as a devilish tool, a witch’s way. Maybe that’s because it started getting used more and more for evil than for good. I can only hypothesize here and add this to my list of questions to ask Jesus. I sort of feel like magic can’t be all bad. Of course, I’m talking God-breathed magic here. And there must be some truth to it somewhere. Otherwise, Moses wouldn’t have written about it, and we wouldn’t have many of the stories that we have today. Either way, Moses … he’s got the touch! After reuniting with his brother Aaron at Mount Sinai and sorting out all the details with him, Moses heads back to Egypt, where a “town council” meeting is called. He explains everything to the elders, performs a very convincing magic show and wins their approval (and thus the approval of the whole of Israel). End scene! Gasp! I feel an adventure on the horizon.

Writing prompt: uh oh, it’s magic!

What’s your take on magic? How do you interpret these incredible passages in the Bible?


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