Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 7

Have you ever watched a wonderful person with endless potential just wither away in self pity and poor choices? I have a particular person in mind, actually, and I know from the depths of my soul that if he would just turn his eyes fully and wholly on Jesus, he would experience the freedom that he has been seeking his whole life. Sometimes people just don’t get how easy it is. Pharaoh was one of those people. Heck, I was one of those people! Today we see the first act of pharoah’s stubbornness and what it costs him and his people. Most of us are saying, “Omgosh! Why couldn’t he just let them go worship for three days??? I sure would have, especially after having blood for water for a week!” In my 20s, no matter how bad my hangovers, I was always searching for ways to make life better. It never once occurred to me to stay home, not drink every weekend and ask God for advice. I prayed to him, sure, but mostly it was for protection … and money, which he did provide, but I have a feeling if I’d have been closer with Him then, the road on which I traveled would have been a bit less rocky and a lot better lit! But I didn’t think to do that. I probably didn’t even know I could, but I see now through hindsight the many ways in which God was trying to get my attention just like He is with pharaoh. We say it would be easy to shirk off stubbornness and pride because of suffering and bad circumstances, but I think a lot of us (me, for sure) are living proof that it’s not a simple thing to do at all. However, would we be the people we are today if we had not found God through true hardship and suffering?

Writing prompt: thick skull

Are you as hard-headed as pharaoh? Write about a stubbornness on which you just won’t budge. Write out the reasons why you’re holding onto it and what would happen if you give in and just let it go.


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