Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 8

The first subheading in my NLT version of this chapter is called “A Plague of Frogs,” but the plagues we see go way beyond frogs! Pharoah is a stubborn old soul. He does what a lot of us do: he tries to take the easy way out. He thinks he can fool God by lying to Moses and making empty promises, and God makes life miserable for him and all of Egypt, even the Israelites in Goshen for a short time. I love how the chapter sort of crescendos as you read along:

God says to Moses, go back to pharaoh and command your release.
But pharaoh refuses, and the frogs come.
Pharaoh promises to release the Israelites. Just take the frogs away!
But he didn’t mean it, so God kills the frogs but leaves the stench.
And then sends the gnats – without warning this time.
Meanwhile, the magicians were having a hard time competing with this type of magic.
Cue the flies, and spare the Israelites! “I will make a clear distinction between my people and your people,” God roars!
“OK, OK!” Shouts pharaoh. “Make your sacrifices, but make them here!” Yet he relents once more. “Fine, leave then!” In the back of his mind, however, he knew he still wouldn’t allow it. Pharaoh is clinging to his power so tightly we can almost see his muscles clenched!

Pharaoh is the perfect example of that evil villain we see played out in so many movies. He’s the Lex Luthor of Exodus, I guess you could say! We watch his power plays and see him gloat in his small victories, but in the end, we know Superman will take. him. down.

Writing prompt: holding on

Have you ever held on to a title, an item or anything that you felt was so precious you wanted to keep it at all costs? It could even be a memory. Whatever you picture, write about what that item has cost you, and pray about whether the price you’ve paid has been worth it.


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