Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 17

Enter Joshua. I like to picture Joshua as a handsome young man who looks like he should be afraid of a lot of things but isn’t. This little chapter, even though it’s about war, is short and sweet and whispers a lot of important things. First, who attacks a wandering group of people who are minding their own business in the wilderness near Mount Sinai? The Amalekites, that’s who. That’s pretty dirty, and God curses them big time for it, but while damning the Amalekites for all time, God also is doing some mighty works for the Israelites. We know from past chapters that the Israelites are no strangers to battle. They had armies in the past. Remember when Abram defeated the kings of the entire Siddim Valley to rescue his nephew Lot (Genesis 14)? Now, the Israelite Army must defend itself against the warriors of Amalek, and Joshua is to lead the way. However, Joshua has no idea that while he is kicking some serious booty on the battle field, Moses, Aaron and Hur (whoever that is) are controlling the outcome through some secret teamwork of their own. What a picture! Joshua is fighting the battle of his life (probably, at this point anyway). He’s feeling real good. He’s building up his own confidence as well as the confidence of the entire Israelite Army. He also is planting seeds of trust, which we know will grow into a strong and fruitful force. Joshua (we can assume) had no idea his elders were fighting in their own way right along side him, but his bravery and humble leadership earned him a personal note from God. Wow. Can you imagine his face when Moses handed him that scroll??? I guess the moral of this story, for me anyway, is that you never know who’s got your back. I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I know deep in my heart I’ve only made it this far due to the prayers and intercession of others. Don’t ever take a win or success for granted. Stay humble, and know that you didn’t accomplish that on your own: a much greater force was behind it.

Writing prompt: Hur???

I had to Google Hur. Join me, and write about why he may have been chosen to team up with Moses and Aaron.


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