Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 24

If you’ve ever doubted your gifts as a writer, today is the day you get to feel good about your profession because Chapter 24 is all about writing important things down. Even God does it! Verse 4 starts us off by telling us that Moses wrote down all the Lord’s instructions. Notice that he didn’t just scribble it down willy-nilly. My NLT version says he “carefully” wrote the instructions down, which formed an entire book, the book of the Covenant (v. 7). In verse 12, it’s not Moses writing down the instructions anymore. It’s God! “… the tablets of stone on which I have inscribed.” My heart is melting envisioning a modern-day God sitting at His desk writing out instructions so He can have a relationship with the people after His own heart. That’s probably weird, but oh well. This moment in time was so important and special to God that just saying it out loud wasn’t good enough. He had to WRITE it, RECORD it, SAVE it for all eternity. Now, granted, this is the most important piece of written history in the world, but we as writers can relate to the importance of what’s happening here. These instructions are now documented, forged by God’s hand, written and recorded, much like the many documents and articles and historical facts many of us have recorded. And while the information we helped set in stone may not have as great as an impact as the original Laws of God, we can rest assured that the importance of writing things down originated with the originator. Let that resonate with you souls today, my gorgeous pen pals!

Before we jump to today’s writing prompt, I wanted to mention another thing I’ve never noticed. All my life I’ve believed only Moses went up Mt. Sinai and spoke with God, but verses 9 to 11 tells us differently! Not only did more than 70 elders see God, but they ate a meal with Him! These verses are a beautiful picture of the relationship God desires to have with us, and they give us a little insight as to why Jesus may have done the exact same thing with the apostles shortly before he went to the cross for them.

Writing prompt: 40 days, 40 nights

What do you suppose Moses and God chatted about for 40 days and 40 nights? I feel like there was a lot of writing and note-taking going on. Write about Moses’ time on Mt. Sinai with God.


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