Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 26

Ok, be honest. Did you read through this chapter and picture a completed temple in the end, or did you just skim through and think, “Ok, I got the point?” This chapter reminded me of writing out recipes (mostly because I can’t relate to writing out design plans). It also reminded me of trying to assemble something based on the directions written (sometimes in Thai or Chinese) on the little slip of white paper with which we are all familiar (and generally discard after being so confused by it). One thing that has become popular in copywriting for the last couple years is breaking down long instruction lists like this into bite-sized pieces that people can understand better. Many blame this on the world’s inability to comprehend long pieces of text, but also us humans have been given the label of being lazy readers. We want everything quickly, so as a copywriter it’s been my job sometimes to take long, informational texts and break them down into easy-to-read, step-by-step “listicles,” as we like to call them in the copywriting biz. It’s sort of fun, but it also makes me sad that people don’t much like to read for details, and that can really knock the wind out of a writers’ sails. I mentioned recipes above because I’ve had to write out several for my kids, who have all grown into wonderful cooks and bakers. Generally, they like my step-by-step instructions because they want their food to taste “just like mom’s,” but not everyone is so keen on the details. I sent a recipe (blog style, complete with all kinds of secrets and steps to making “Mom’s Bomb Chili) to my daughter’s boyfriend’s mom a few months ago, and the reaction was, “Nahhhh, too difficult.” The truth is, the recipe itself is not difficult at all, but the directions I sent were too long and probably boring for her to read. (Except they were super funny, so she missed out!) I feel like if the Bible were broken down into bite-sized pieces, more people might take an interest in reading it, (but I am definitely one who appreciates its old school long text stuffed full of details).

Writing prompt: bite-sized

Take Chapter 26 and break it down into easy-to-read directions. Draw pictures if you want!


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