Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 28

Wow! God’s getting His newly designated priests all gussied up in this chapter! Reminds me of the pope! Did you follow all the details and try to imagine how Aaron and his sons looked after God, with the help of some very wise and skilled craftsmen (v. 3), dressed them to the nines? I adore the last passages, especially verses 33 and 42. Not only did God decorate their robes with little dangly “crocheted” pomegranates and bells, but he planned their wardrobes right down to their underpants! Even their boxer-briefs were sacred! The design of the chestpiece caught my attention, too. It’s an elaborate and fully bejeweled piece of art this thing. I bet many a treasure hunter today would love to get their hands on it with its 12 precious jewels. Did this remind you of anything (like birthstones, ahem), or was it just me? I know birthstones are associated with horoscopes and all that jazz, but I’ve always thought there was some truth behind these beliefs. Yes, I believe they are skewed, and it’s dangerous to give them any credence, but I believe they may have originated from historical events just like these and that they wouldn’t have survived so long if there weren’t some truth behind them.

Writing prompt: birthstone

What’s your birthstone? Do some research on why that particular stone was chosen for your birth month, and compare it to the stones set in the priests’ chestpieces.


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