Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 30

More plans. More instructions. But can’t you just smell the air with this chapter? I’m sitting here reading as my aromatherapy fan is blowing gentle whiffs of lavender my way, so I got a little fixated on the blends used to make the holy oil and incense used in the Tabernacle. Admittedly, I haven’t smelled a lot of the fragrances used in these mixtures, so I had to put my imagination to work. I was fortunate a couple years ago during a trip to Oman to get to smell the fragrances of myrrh and frankincense. So unique! And I also admit that they weren’t my favorites, but I bet when they were mixed with cinnamon and the other fragrances (what is galbanum, cassia and calamus??? I need to Google) the smell was super good. I mean, it was pleasing to God, so it must be heavenly, right?

Writin prompt: smell the air

This chapter was kind of short and sweet, and I probably could have pulled a lot more out of it than I did, but I just love smells! Write about your favorite smells, the reminders they invoke and how you can honor God with your favorite scents.


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