Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Exodus 39

Have you ever been part of a play or stage production? I took part in a couple plays in high school, and while I didn’t feel I was to pursue a career in acting, the experience was something I have cherished my whole life. Putting on a play is a huge process from beginning to end, and it’s usually headed up by one person who must get the ball rolling with casting calls and finding backstage personnel for costumes, makeup and lighting. Scenes must be dreamed up and directed to cast members. Backdrops and scenery crews are vital, too. For weeks and weeks, people are working and practicing and going crazy trying to pull everything together for opening night, and finally, when everything is ready, everyone comes together for a dress rehearsal. Costumes are tried on, cues are practiced, everything is transformed into the magical place everyone has been imagining for weeks on end. I feel like this is where the Israelites are by the end of Chapter 39. I can’t wait for Aaron to slip on those royal duds. I can only imagine the gorgeous procession he and his sons must have created while walking into the Tabernacle for the first time, with the newly sewn curtains hung and the gold and bronze pieces and fine details glimmering all around. And the crocheted pomegranates and bells! {{{LOVE}}}} I’m sure it felt like a graduation ceremony, or better yet, a wedding. Now that’s a beautiful scene right there.

Writing prompt: showtime

Have you ever had the honor of participating in a ceremony, production or show? Write about how you felt as you dressed for an event, stood up in front of a crowd or participated in a life-changing project.


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