Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Leviticus 2

I get all the smell good feels with Chapter 2. All I can do is think of freshly baked bread and walking through the souq, or downtown market, in Muscat, Oman. It was by far, hands down, with no uncertainty in my mind, heart or soul, the best day trip I’ve ever had in my life – and the first time I’d ever smelled frankincense, among a lot of other things. Let me tell you though, as I wandered all by myself through the winding walkways of that market filled with smoke from all the frankincense and other incense burning, I could not help but picture every single one of those shopkeepers as one of the three wisemen! I can’t say I loved the smell of frankincense, but I can see its appeal, especially when mixed with other fragrances, likely roasted grains and breads. I’m starving now. I know these instructional chapters in Leviticus can get heavy and a little tiresome to read. As we study together, let’s try to pull out some essences from these chapters, like how precious it is that God loves a good smell at dinner time and also that we see for the first official time that these offerings are indeed to be shared with Aaron and his line of priests (v. 10). This is building on our talks in past chapters about this being a special time – a mealtime – with the Lord. Hang in there! All of these chapters have very special underlying meanings, so don’t give up in reading them, and when you do, focus on those little things you can relate to and apply to your life now.

Writing prompt: oooo, that smell!

I have sort of an over-sensitive smeller, which is both a blessing and a curse. Good smells make me beam with happiness, but bad smells make my head spin like a crazy person. I sometimes wish I would have studied perfumery or something weird and unique like that, but I’m content with Googling “how to use essential oils” for now, and my poor husband is starting to understand how smell-sensitive my nostrils are. How’s your smeller? Write about some of your favorite smells and how you can dedicate them and make them pleasing to the Lord.


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