Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Leviticus 9

The time has come to get this show on the road! This is a beautiful chapter that shows Moses’ leadership, Aaron’s willingness and God’s glory. Moses even tells us specifically in verse 6 that the Israelites have done all these things “so that the glory of the Lord may appear to you.” And that He does!

The chapter begins with Moses taking Aaron by the hand and showing him how to begin and carry out his new job. Aaron had been ordained eight days before this (v. 1), so he knew he was in for some big stuff. Plus, Moses had already relayed God’s entire plan to the community, so they had somewhat of an idea what was going on. Moses didn’t just announce a bunch of instructions and sit back to watch the Israelites scurry in confusion to carry them out. Instead, he showed them how to get started. First, he called together Aaron and his sons. He repeated again exactly what they needed to bring for offerings. He let Aaron make the announcement to the Israelites to bring their offerings, and then he stood right alongside Aaron as he carried out these monumental tasks for the first time, and it was Aaron this time, rather than Moses, who raised his hands to bless the people.

Aaron was meticulous, too, as he completed each offering, and he took his role seriously, as did the Israelites. For this, they were rewarded the most glorious sight in all the earth – the glory of the Lord! Can you imagine? I know what I’m imagining is not even an inkling of the amazement that happened in that moment. I’m sort of picturing this giant “whitish-blue fire guy” who swooshes in over the offerings, gobbles them up and then blazes 10 times brighter as He rises up and beats his chest with satisfaction and absolute, overwhelming happiness. Too lame? Ha! Well, the people’s reaction is amazing also, as well as humbling: they shouted with joy but then fell face down on the ground, I’m imagining to both worship God and hide their faces from Him.

Writing prompt: goose bumps

I won’t lie. I kind of got into this chapter, and that last part when God rushes in and consumes the offering and blazes forth for all the Israelites to see sent some exciting shivers down my spine. We all have had goosebump moments, but writing about them so that other people get goosebumps as well is hard to do, at least for me. Try your hand at it today. You can write a piece of fiction or recount a surreal moment you still can’t believe happened to you.


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