Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Leviticus 17

When we first moved to Thailand, we attended a church in a mall, and every Sunday after church, we’d go down to the mall’s food court for lunch. In Thailand, every mall has a food court, and every food court has a section that sells only Thai food. You can literally feed a family for under 5 bucks, and the food is legit. If you ever visit Thailand and want to taste some authentic Thai food, head to a mall. Anyway, I do have a point! Hang with me. In those days, I was really making an effort to try all sorts of things, and one of the things I tried at the mall food court was what I thought was a nice bowl of hot noodles with pork and pork liver. I don’t really like liver, but I thought maybe the Thais had a special spice to make it not taste like yuck to me. I scooped up some noodles and a piece of “liver” and gulped it down. Not bad. Didn’t really taste the liver flavor. Then my friend sat down beside me with her order and immediately pointed to the “liver” in my bowl and said, “Don’t eat that. It’s blood.” No wonder it didn’t taste like liver. And all I could think of was this chapter and the fact that Jesus died so that I didn’t get cut off from the whole community that day. See. I did have a point.

Writing prompt: good eats

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Did it go against Old Testament rules? Write about what the food was, how you came to consume it and what would have happened to you had you eaten it while rolling with the Israelite camp?


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