Insatiable appetite
Only get bite-size pieces
Sometimes mornings
Never night

Can’t wait to develop
The “syndrome”
For empty home
I pray
There is no cure

Remedying by showering
By singing
By peeing
Doors open
Every. Freaking. Chance. I. Get.

This illusion
Of confusion post scramming
Doesn’t make a lick
Of sense
To me

Birds kick them out
Practically SHOUT
Go away!
Spread your wings
And freaking fly already. Smh.

I don’t get moms
Who hang on
And long for videos playing,
And dirty clothes laying
Everywhere in the effing house

An empty nest is for the birds
Or are empty nests for the birds? Literally.
My little turds have had it good
Whether they think they have
Or not

SILENCE! Man, I crave it
Imma rave about it
When it happens
Can’t EVER friggin’ get enough

Six little birdies
Always chirpin’
Begging for food. Good grief.
If empty nests are for the birds
I def want to be one

seapwm19 #seapwm19day6 #SelfPleasurePrompt #teamthailand


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