Last time I lied

Taking the stand
I raised my hand
And swore to tell the truth

But deep inside
I knew I’d try
To protect my good friend’s youth

The attorney plied
As I cried
And memories came rushing in

What he couldn’t see
Inside of me
Was why he’d truly never win

Yes, I knew I wrote
Two years ago
Why she’d pulled the wheel

But it didn’t excuse
Their choice to exhume
Her memory to pay the bills

Nor did they consider
The damage it rendered
To the kids who had survived

So I gritted my teeth,
Glared through my grief
And on that stand I lied

Was it my place
To decide that day
How justice looks to those

Who cannot say,
Or at least convey,
What happened on that road?

I am no judge
Nor want to be
I simply wanted a voice

And words not to be twisted,
By facts that I’d written
Before I knew I had a choice

But that didn’t happen
Our youth was their weapon
So, they raked some money in

Her life still was lost
And we paid the cost,
But I never lied again

(Well, maybe just a couple more times. 😉)

seapwm19 #seapwm19day3 #TransformationPrompt #teamthailand


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