Ninth-Year Anniversary

My bae Nikon
Why do we not hang out as much?
Do you miss my touch,
Like I miss your clicks
And beautiful pics?

We used to play with kids
And go on long hikes
Remember that time we biked
From BKK to Chiang Mai?

Inseparable for nearly five years
Oh, how we traveled!
Cambodia! 🇰🇭
Laos! 🇱🇦
Vietnam! 🇻🇳
Malaysia! 🇲🇾

Riding the Mekong
Climbing Doi Inthanon
And Stone Henge
Ahhhhh, our honeymoon ❤️

You showed me
How to view life

Then I complained you’d grown heavy
Around my neck
Plus, that iPhone was just
Too damn easy

Oh God!
Forgive my infidelity!
My inability
To see your value

Steve’s no match for you
Your quality
And stability
And telephotability
(We made that word up together, remember?)

Makes me want to turn you on

Let’s rekindle our passion!
Your batteries are fully charged! Wow. 😻
I’ll set you on auto for now
So we don’t have to think about it.

Let’s do what comes naturally
We’ll go to the city
And focus on being together
Beacon of my pleasure
My bae Nikon

seapwm19 #seapwm19day7 #LastLinePrompt #teamthailand


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