Poems X 3

Aroi mak mak mak

First meal with chopsticks
Picks a noodle dish.
Fish? No. Just chicken,
Pickin’ from menu

Spicy, creamy stock
Chock full o’ noodles,
Oodles of lemon,
Swimmin’ in milky …

What’s that? Coconut.
Subtle. And aroi!
Khao soi, savory
Flavor queen of north


The canal below

Damn dam roars nightly,
Timely, still shocking,
Talking over it
Literally hard

View is so stunning
Sunny, cool breezes
Eases the busy
Frenzy of Bangkok

Daytime, it’s lulling
Cooling off hot folks
Soaks in the river
Deliver safe swims


First time I spoke Thai

Bai nai said the guy
Sai tai mai said I
Like I was a pro
Going ‘round my ‘hood

Sai tai mai chai mai
Chai ka I replied
Tried to impress him,
By stressing my tones

Puut Thai dai, he pried
Sighed as he quizzed
Fizzled-out convo
Slowed by mai khao jai

seapwm19 #seapwm19day5 #RaayOdePrompt #teamthailand


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