Turk and Ruby’s Garden

Turk and Ruby used to buy my cards
I’d sell them
To buy roller skates,
A Pittsburgh Steelers cup,
And once, a weird blackhead remover

I could always count on Turk and Ruby
To buy two boxes
That meant $2 for me
To put in my bank
Or take to TG&Y

On rainy days, Turk and Ruby
Would let me snuggle up
With Applejack,
Who liked to watch Price is Right
As much as humans did

And with Turk and Ruby
I’d eat wafer cookies
Which I hated,
And were usually stale,
But they always insisted I have some

Some seeds, like Turk and Ruby’s,
Are planted in boring card boxes,
And smelly poodles,
And horrible cookies,
Which, turns out, make the most beautiful gardens

seapwm19 #seapwm19day9 #SeedPrompt #teamthailand

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