Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Leviticus 19

While I love a long story with lots of juicy details, there is just something about a good summary that brings out the whole nerd in me. We’ve read all this before. In fact, we’ve been reading it over and over and over again for several chapters now. It’s been like math in high school. Every time we completed a chapter, I would think, how much more math can there be in the world??? But each formula we learned just led right into something else, and we learned that learning math (like numbers) is infinite – as is learning about human nature. Yes, God is reiterating all the things He’s said before, but He’s also building on a foundation He established with the Israelites way back when (sort of like when you learn your basic times tables). Remember those days when the Israelites were slaves in Israel, and they thought that’s all there was to life? Well, I’d say they’re well into advanced trig now, and they don’t even know calculus is coming!

Writing prompt: add it up

Look back at past chapters and count how many times Moses goes over the rules for holiness to the Israelites. It’s hard to count, actually, because many of the passages contain long details, and some contain short summaries. Do your best to summarize the number of times these rules are repeated and write about the reasons why you think they are repeated time and time again.


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