Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 2

Ridiculously large numbers aside, can you envision the setup of the Israelite camp? It’s quite organized, heavily fortified and designed to move the entire community as a whole. It’s beautiful! It reminded me of marching band and how much work goes into just one performance. The great thing about learning the formation, though, is that once you’ve learned it, the motions just become natural, and you are able to perform the same complex movements over and over again with ease. Plus, each time you do it, it just gets easier and better! In high school, we would often start marching band season a week or two before school started, and we’d have “Early Band” for several weeks before the first homecoming parade, where we marched down the street as a unit during the parade and then performed on the football field during halftime of the big game. I might be a bit biased, but I truly believe we had one of the best band instructors in the WORLD. Mike Conner was just born to band. He knew how to play every instrument. He coordinated halftime shows. He put up with mouthy kids from fourth to twelfth grades. He was stressed to the max, and we could all see it, but man, did he seem to take it all in stride, pun intended. Har har. I imagine God took it in stride, too. Organizing these camps and getting them to move fluently was a job that required excellent leadership and lots of patience. The Israelites had the right man for that job, just like we had Mr. Conner.

Writing prompt: Mr. Conner

My Mr. Conner died suddenly several years ago. I worked at the Cherokee Republican newspaper when he passed away, and I was honored to be able to publish his obituary and reminisce with a few of the THOUSANDS of students he influenced through the years. He was one of a kind, a man born for music. Do you have a Mr. Conner? Write about that person and share your story with him or her, if that person is still living. If not, share it with someone who would appreciate your words.


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