Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 5

Ironically, my husband and I just watched this EXACT scene played out in the series “The Last Kingdom” on Netflix. Except in the series, the woman never drinks the bitter water because the priest knows in his heart she is innocent, so he tells a little fib to the king on her behalf. That’s really not a spoiler if you haven’t watched the show, but I must say that when I read it today (as I have read it before) I didn’t even relate the scene in the series to anything in the Bible! That’s kind of embarrassing, but hey, I miss A LOT in this world. At least I made the connection today, right?

I can’t fathom why this ritual was even a thing. It’s gonna be right there at the top of my questions to ask Jesus. We gonna have a loooooong discussion.

Writing prompt: bitter waters

This passage leaves me feeling like I just drank some bitter waters. How about you? We can’t explain some of these old rituals to new Christians. Heck, we can’t even explain them to ourselves, but let’s try. Come up with some reasons in your writing today as to why this judgment process may have been acceptable during this time in the Israelites’ journey, and as always, be sure to thank the fire out of Jesus ON PAPER for not having to endure trials like this today.


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