Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 9

If you have been reading along with us up until this point, then you’ll know that we’ve discussed festivals and celebrations in the past. I compared the Passover festival detailed in Leviticus to New Years Eve, and in this chapter I can even see a little Ramadan in the background. Can you?

Another thing I wanted to mention is that, yes, we have already discussed this festival in chapters past, so keep in mind as you’re reading through Numbers that the events we are reading about now took place in the same time frame as Exodus and Leviticus. We’re not “moving on” in Numbers; we’re reading a summary – a first draft, maybe? – of God’s instructions to Moses on Mt. Sinai and the days that followed during the first and second years the Israelites started moving from that region. Hang in there! These first five books of the Bible can be a little tedious to read, but like I’ve said before, try to find the “bits,” the nuggets of life, and see how they apply to our lives today.

Writing prompt: Ramadan

I didn’t know a lot about Ramadan until I moved to SE Asia, and I still am no expert. Many Christians shy away from learning about other religions for one reason or another, but I think it’s extremely healthy to learn as much as we can about all humans and how we act, think and believe. Ramadan is an endearing holiday for Muslims full of family, fun and food – and strict fasting. It’s a time when Muslims grow closer to God and community alike. We could learn a lot from Ramadan, and today you shall! Do a Google and compare the traditions of the Ramadan holiday with those laid out by God in this chapter.


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