Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 16

We’ve been watching the series The Last Kingdom on Netflix, and we’ve just finished an episode where a great sickness blew through the region (1st-century England), and who do you think everyone ran to for healing? Yep, the priest. Well, all the Christian Saxons ran to the priest. The pagans ran to the witch doctor. What I’m trying to say is that watching that show has helped me better picture the roles of the Levites, and some of them in this chapter get themselves into a fatal predicament. When you read between the lines, you can kind of see where Korah is coming from. I mean, Moses did get to have special 1-1 chats with God. I’d have been a little jealous, too, but at the same time, Korah was in one of the most unique positions compared to the rest of the Israelite camp solely for being a Levite. He was given direct access to God already just because of the family in which he was born. But he didn’t see it quite that way, and pride got the best of him. Sad. He already had more than most, but still he wanted more than that even. Power is addictive. I get frustrated with people like this, especially after having lived with people who go without basic needs every single day. But then I look around at my own house and think, “You are a privileged jerk!” I don’t consider myself to have a lot, but I do have way more than I did 20 years ago, and 20 years ago, I had way more than people with whom I’ve worked the last eight years in Southeast Asia have now. I try to remember that always, but it’s hard, isn’t it? Sometimes I whine about not having this or not having enough money to buy that. Why can’t I just have a little bit more????? I’m super glad in my selfishness, though, that God doesn’t strike me down or allow the earth to swallow me up! But, He does keep me in check through photos, messages, thoughts and SCRIPTURE, which I need and highly appreciate.

Writing prompt: less is more

Sometimes less is more. Think of someone who you would consider to have less than you, in whatever way that means to you. Write about that person, and lift them up in your prayers today, … and thank Jesus for your blessings and for always giving you more and more and more.


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