Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 18

The Lord giveth, and the Lord taketh away. Only this time, the Lord giveth a great responsibility that comes with a lot of perks. The duties of the Levites sounds incredibly important, huh? I’m not sure I’d want to raise my hand if God was taking volunteers to be a Levite, and I KNOW I would surely fail miserably if I were born into the Levite tribe. But with all the perks that come with the job, if I were chosen, I most likely would try my darndest to do the job right! God does lay a heavy load on the Levites, yes, but He also rewards them with plenty of food, shelter and protection. Look at the setup: the Levites’ well-being depends on the contributions of the community. What does this remind you of? For me, I think of present-day governments, churches and missionaries just like myself. I particularly focused in on verses 26 and 27: the Levites must give “a tithe of the tithe … present one-tenth of the tithe received from the Israelites as a sacred offering to the Lord.”

When I joined missions, a theme that sometimes came up was “to tithe or not to tithe.” In my organization of YWAM, we chose to tithe, and we often prayed about where to tithe. I love this trickle-down effect. While I have been grateful for our supporters for getting us through every day for the past eight-plus years, I also LOVE knowing that some of those funds went to help others, whom I can’t even list here because I simply do not know every one. God is awesome like that, and He is working. And that’s all I need to know. I forget sometimes. I think it’s all about me, me, me, me, me. But it’s not about me at all, is it?

Writing prompt: tithing

Do you tithe? Write about your tithing habits, good or bad, and see where you can maybe make some tweaks here or there.


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