Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 24

Yesterday’s adventures with Balak and Balaam left us with Balak asking for a third time for Balaam to curse the Israelites, who are camped around Balak’s territory on all sides. Today, we get the third and final answer: no. Ain’t no cursing going to be happening today. And Balaam delivers a moving message in the form of a poem, which I bet is stunningly beautiful in its original language. It’s not too shabby in the NLT version, and it really packs a punch. Look out, Moab and neighbors!

I was still a little intrigued by Balaam, so I had a little Wikipedia session after I read Chapter 24 today. Interesting guy, Balaam. I think you already know what your writing assignment will be, but I’ll include it below just in case.

Writing prompt: Balaam

Give Balaam a Google, and write about what you find. Turn it into a non-fiction thriller if you want!


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