Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 26

We got a subtle nod to the plague in verse 8 of chapter 25, but this chapter just leads right out with it. I admit, I caught it in the last chapter, but I kind of read past it thinking, “Oh, the ‘plague’ must mean God’s wrath.” This chapter, though, makes me think it was something much, much different. We don’t know how much time has passed since the Israelites’ last census which took place at the beginning of this chapter as the Israelites were setting off from the Sinai region. Now, they have made their way north and are camped along the east side of the Jordan River, and they’ve been a little bad, so God sorts out the sinners, so to speak. He wipes them out with a plague, apparently. That’s a scary thought as the world watches coronavirus make its way around the globe.

I tried not to think about God wiping out a good percentage of the population with a modern-day plague and went on to compare the numbers of the Israelites in this chapter to what they were at the beginning of the chapter. Eight tribes gained members, and five tribes lost members, and all in all, the Israelites stayed pretty much intact, having just 1,820 members less than when they first started. Craziness. And also a good reminder that we are not invincible. God can and will carry on without us. Yes, the coronavirus will pass, but if we are fortunate to see the other side of it, what will we think about ourselves? I’m getting a little fed up with the selfishness of those who refuse to wear masks. I don’t understand it, and it’s causing me to lose respect for some individuals I dearly love. I can suffer through their political affiliations (sort of), but I am having a hard time overlooking what I consider indignity for human lives. Not everything in life is a competition.

Writing prompt: the plague

I just read about a case of the bubonic plague being found in Mongolia. I was totally freaking out. Then I Googled. Turns out, antibiotics clear it right up now, and the US actually sees a few cases of bubonic plague each year. Who’da thunk??? We’re not quite there yet with COVID-19, but I believe with prayer, repentance and obedience, we will be. Write about where you are write now in respect to the current plague. Write about your feelings. Pour out your frustrations. Give everything to God. He already knows your heart, so write in ALL CAPS if you want, and we won’t even tattle if you curse! WRITE, WRITERS, WRITE!


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