Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 28

Chapter 27 left us off at Moses learning that he’s getting ready to die, but we can see in Chapter 28 that God is not quite finished with Moses. He wants to make good and sure that some prior instructions are engrained in Moses’ brain, so he recaps the instructions for offerings, and I love how my NLT translates the reason why these offerings are so important in the first verse. It says at the end of the first sentence, “… they are my food.” God’s gotta eat y’all! But as we’ve seen in past chapters, it’s more than that, isn’t it? The offering times are meal times, special times that God can spend with members of the Israelite community. He doesn’t want Moses to forget to pass on these traditions and rituals to Joshua, who was publicly commissioned and anointed by Eleazar in the last chapter to be the new leader of the Israelites. While we don’t make sacrifices and dedications like this anymore, let this chapter be a reminder to all of us that God considers His meal times with us precious, holy and NEEDED.

Writing prompt: meat, bread, wine

These are the staples of all God’s requested offerings. Makes me hungry every time I read it! Roasted lambbbb, mmmmmm. God made these requests in order to spend time with the people He loved. Since we don’t sacrifice animals for God anymore, sacrifice some of your time this morning to focus on your precious relationship with God. Write to Him. Thank Him. Feed Him. Love on God today.

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