Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 30

Vows for marrying? This passage is difficult to understand right off. I get the sense that women had a little say in who they married and what happened between them after the knot was tied. But it also seems that men ultimately have the last word. Aren’t we thankful that this no longer rings true??? However, this does point out a distinct link to relationship of man and wife/men and women. There is a balance there. I’m sure that even back then events weren’t as cut and dry as they appear in the Bible. Discussions happened. Arguments were made. Tears were shed. Hearts were filled with joy – and disappointment.

It’s ok to submit to others. Sometimes we can discern the proper times to do that. Other times require discussion – sometimes heated discussion!

Writing prompt: compromise

Write about a compromise you’ve made and how it turned out. Try for 500 words, and pray beforehand about how to understand it better now through your writing.


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