Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Numbers 35

I kind of swooned over this chapter a bit. I even drew a red heart in the sidebar. This chapter lays out the lands for the Israelites upon their arrival to the Promised Land. It draws boundaries and sets up “rural” lands as well as systems for taxes and tithes, justice and democracy. It outlines cities of refuge and even a witness protection program! It’s beautiful text to a nerdy soul.

Writing prompt: founding fathers

I didn’t have a lot to write about today’s reading, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t give me a lot to think about. I got to thinking about beginnings today. Have you ever reviewed your country’s constitution? How about the constitution of another country? If not, today’s your chance! Pick a country and Google its constitution. Note the date it was written, the things you would change, how you think some rights and regulations came about. Nerd out today, and enjoy!


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