Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 2

Still recalling the ups and downs of the Israelites’ wanderings for the last 40 years, Moses seems to be giving a pep talk to the people of Israel. Remember, they’re still standing on the banks of the Jordan awaiting their entry into the Promised Land. They know it’s going to be one whopper of a moment, too, so Moses starts preparing their hearts and minds by reminding them of just how far they’ve come. Why does he choose these specific events, though?

Notice how we get little snippets about things we didn’t know in the main story back in Numbers. Moses talks about the giants and all their different monikers (were these racial slangs?), Zered Brook, the Arnon Gorge, King Sihon – intimate details we didn’t get the first time around.

Sometimes I find myself writing about a situation that I’ve written about before only with a different lesson. It’s not odd that one moment in time can impress upon you several life lessons. And it’s ok to write about each of them and include different details and recollections in each. Moses did! These events are key in Israel’s journey. That’s why he emphasizes them again. And the little details probably ring a special bell in each person’s head, like an inside joke (only not a joke) between the people. The Bible is full of more examples like this, and so are we! Even for this chapter, I want to talk about a dozen different things – like giants and God keeping his promise to Esau’s mother (wow!), but I’m going to stick to the one that first struck a chord with me.

Writing prompt: duo

Write two stories about one moment in time from different perspectives. (Reach for 250 words each, but go for more if you want!)


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