Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 4

Moses begs the Israelites to obey the 10 commandments, a document handwritten by God. God wanted the Israelites to follow the commandments so badly, He wrote them down! Moses says, “Pleeeeease, follow them. Your life depends on it!” He’s seen what happens when we don’t follow God’s laws, and he reminds them how powerful, rich and redeeming they are.

He says remember them always, and be sure to pass them along to your children and grandchildren. The best way to do that is to write them down and preserve them. Copy them. Renew them. Share them. Multiply them.

And today we have the proof that they did just that.

Another thing I’ve noticed lately is the beauty of other religions. I don’t mean I’m tempted by their beauty, but I mean I saw a woman with a gorgeous “designer bindi” on her forehead walking down the sidewalk the other day. She was beautiful. And I knew from her outward appearance that she was Hindu. Same with most Muslim women. There are some beautiful abayas and ladies underneath them out there, and I will never get tired of watching Buddhist monks walk down the street in their bright orange and saffron-colored robes.

I was absorbing all these colors and beauty around me on my morning walk, and realized I was wearing a dress that looks like pajamas, tennis shoes and a hat. What about me looks like a Christian? How will people know? (I know, by the pajamas and hat! Ha.) Here, I think being a foreigner screams, “I’m a Christian!” But that is sadly not the case. I rarely meet any expats who believe in God, much less Jesus.

In verse 26, Moses kind of slides in a doozy, doesn’t he? “You’ll get to the Promised Land, alright, but eventually, most of you will turn into heathens and be destroyed. Surprise!”

Writing prompt: chosen

Think of a time you felt chosen and unique. Compare it with a time you felt like you were just one of the crowd.


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