Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 6

God gives the first order to go forth and multiply. How? Speak it, and WRITE it. Record it! They didn’t have tape recorders back then, so word of mouth and stone and wood tablets were the media, but writing it down insured that those sharing it with their mouths never minced their words. When you need something official, put it in writing, just like God did.

As a writer, what kinds of historical moments have you preserved by writing them down? How does this make you feel about the writing you do?

Ready-made villages

I remember a pastor once pointed out something from verses 10 and 11. He reminded us that God was giving the Israelites a ready-made village. Up until this point, the Israelites had depended on God and their own resourcefulness to get by each day, but now they were going into a land where they didn’t have to lift a finger – not right off the bat anyway. They first have to get through the greatest battle of their lives.

Do you have a story of perseverance? Did it result in a great reward or a lesson in defeat?

Final? summary

Moses, yet again, summarizes the journey of the Israelites. This is for the busy folks who aren’t too keen on reading and just require the gist of the story. Moses gives it to them in five sentences.

We were slaves.
The Lord freed us.
It was flipping miraculous.
His plan all along was to bring us to this land we now call home.
If we take care of it, God will protect us always.

There I’ve summed it up even further!

Writing prompt: summary

Read a chapter or a past piece you’ve written and summarize it in five sentences. Then see how simple you can make those sentences without losing meaning. Share your shortest summary with someone, and see if they can get the overall meaning of the original piece.


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