Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 8

In a way, this chapter makes my heart hurt. Moses all but begs the Israelites to not get puffed up about the riches they are about to receive. He sees the long road – the years after when he is gone and Joshua is gone and only a few others pick up the torch he is carrying. He knows the temptations will be great. Perhaps he remembers what it was like to live under pharaoh’s roof and the struggle he had when he was called to claim his real heritage. Now, his people – his family members – were walking into that same kind of wealth. Some would say the Israelites earned it, remembering the long journey and sacrifices it took to get there, and use that as an excuse to overindulge. Still, a choice few will cling to the memories of the hows and whys and whens and pass forward the significance of upholding God’s laws and values. Because of the many, we need Jesus, but if it weren’t for the few, we wouldn’t know Jesus today.

Writing prompt: the few

Can you think of a time you were warned not to go with the crowd but you did anyway? Write about the 5W1H of the situation and how it may have turned out had you gone with the few.


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