Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 12

Now we’re getting into the good stuff, the rewards, the payoff for years of hardship, but Moses warns in this chapter that the Israelites, whom will consist of a whole new generation of people who don’t remember much about the rough days, better not take advantage of the gifts they are about to be given. He says also, though, to celebrate! And worship the Lord in everything you do. But first, tear down the pagan alters. This is really the only thing the Israelites have to “do” when they arrive in the lands flowing with milk and honey. I mean, besides win a few battles, of course. But the women folk and kids just get to walk in and set up house (for the most part anyway). What a treat! But think about that, too. I’m mostly talking to women here. Sorry, guys, but how would you feel if you walked into an already-prepared home with a woman’s touch already on everything? I think, at least I hope I would, that I would consider that woman and everything she lost so that I could have a nice kitchen. Now, the older Israelites will remember this, but some of the babes will definitely not have a clue as they get older. They will have a clue through stories, yes, but not through experience. Just like it is today, it’s up to the older folks to pass on their wisdom, especially when it comes from experience. We are living through a time right now for which we as older adults may remember way more than our kids. It’s vital that whatever the outcome of COVID-19 we pass down every lesson we learn from it.

On another note, I can’t flipping wait to see which place God chooses as His place of worship in the land of Canaan. He eluded to it so many times in this chapter I had to get out my orange pen. I underlined it six times (I may have missed a couple), but that tells me it’s something big and important.

The other thing I underlined was verse 8: “Your pattern of worship will change (NLT).” This foreshadowing goes right along with what I was saying above: this younger generation is in for some new stuff, and when they get to the Promised Land, they won’t be able to say that Moses didn’t warn them!

Writing prompt: out with the old

We’re seeing an incredible amount of change in the world right now. For some, it’s just a matter of making a few tweaks here and there, but for others, it’s beyond stressful. If you’re on social media, I know you see the distress signals flooding the intrawebs. Take a personal check today in your writing. How are you dealing with change? What changes have you had to make? Can you see glory from the ashes? If not, try today. Ask God for peace, for clarity, for understanding, for release, for freedom, for whatever you need. You are loved.


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