Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 13

God is serious about idolatry. He’s so serious that he commands the Israelites to carry out the act of murder against anyone they find worshiping other gods. Yikes. Could you do it? Could you throw the first stone? Most of us will already be familiar with this New Testament parable, and if you’re like me, it’s humiliated me through a lot of circumstances when I was trying to be all high and mighty. I’m super glad I have Jesus instead of some pious nincompoop with a rock in her hand looking over my shoulder today.

This chapter was short, and honestly, my heart is overwhelmed with coronavirus emotion right now. How about you?

Writing prompt: idolatry

Since we’re all probably in the same coronaboat emotionally, let’s look at our idolatries today. I’m not saying I am worshiping the things I am missing – like travel and my family in the US, but I certainly have thrown a few pity parties lately. Take a self check. Write out how you’re doing, where you’re at physically and emotionally, and count your blessings to see if they outweigh all the things you’ve been crabby about.

(Written July 15, 2020)


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