Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 15

Forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. If you’re familiar with the Lord’s Prayer, you’ll recognize this line, which just about sums up this chapter. I have to wonder, though, how long the Israelites stuck to this rule. I wonder mostly because I have been seeing some awful stuff on social media, and I don’t know why I’m so shocked by it every time I read something new, but I am, especially lately. Nasty stuff! So, I have to wonder how many people today would adhere to this kind of debt forgiveness – or any kind of forgiveness, me included. In my mind, I’ve already checked off the list of people who will not be getting any kind of friendly hello, hug or handshake from me during my next visit home (how many ever years from now that may be), but I also know that each and every one of the people I’m infuriated with right now has some wonderful qualities, and avoiding them will most likely be next to impossible. So, my only choice is to forgive. However, some of them don’t even know how much they have offended me! So, I need to forgive internally first, and if a discussion with that person is warranted later, hopefully, that will go down in a nice and healing way – much like how the end of every seventh year was supposed to go for the Israelites. This forgiving of debt was supposed to be a joyous occasion, a reason to celebrate the wealth and unity of the Israelite nation. If we know us humans, though, and let’s face it, we do, we know that not every single one of us wants to forgive debt so easily. Another reason to look to Jesus, who paid that debt to keep peace between us snotty people.

Writing prompt: debt-free

Several years ago, I decided to go debt-free, and I paid off everything except my student loan. It was the most fantastic feeling. It didn’t come easy, though. I spent several months scrimping and saving to make those bigger payments. That’s how forgiving debt feels sometimes, and I’m not just talking monetary debt here. I mean ANYTHING you might consider is “owed.” How are you doing in the forgiving department? Write today about being debt free – forgiving those who you feel owe you something.


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