Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 16

Moses recaps the festivals that the Lord commands the Israelites to observe in His honor. We’ve talked about the festivals in previous chapters, as they have been outlined in more detail. This chapter seems to be a little add-on. You know, one of those repeat statements we do as parents to make sure our first … and second … and sometimes third set of instructions are heard loudly and clearly. Sometimes I make my kids repeat back to me what I’ve asked them to do. This is kind of like that. Moses already has laid out details of everything the Lord has requested in the books of Exodus and Numbers, but Deuteronomy is written in the tone of Moses actually speaking the words to the Israelites. We have to keep in mind that Moses is getting ready to die, and he knows it. He is doing his part to ensure God’s Word gets repeated and recorded accurately.

This chapter also eludes to the “sacred spot” God will choose for worshiping Him. I can’t WAIT until that is revealed. The whole description reminded me of the Muslim tradition of going to Mecca to worship. Fascinating. You probably know what your writing prompt is going to be now, so let’s get to it.

Writing prompt: Mecca

Get to Googling the Muslim journey to Mecca and write about what you find. Even if you know all about it, try to learn something new today, and write about your discoveries.


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