Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 18

“We are all called to be Levites.” That was a quote from my friend David who I met in 2012 during Discipleship Training School in Chiang Mai, Thailand. He said it to a room full of wannabe missionaries who were at the mercy of supporters around the globe to get them through the next six months … because we had all been called to be Levites. One of those missionaries was me. The first section of this chapter reminded me of how dependent I was on my supporters during those first few months of training for missions. They never let me down. God never let me down. Likewise, He was faithful to finance and feed every single person on our team. Many of them came from countries where Christianity is not even allowed. Yet, somehow, through prayer and petition, their wallets were full (or at least had something in them) and so were their bellies. Besides covering our immediate living expenses, God also made sure we were able to go out and practice what we’d learned. He financed trips for nearly 30 people to the Himalayas and Cambodia that year. Our team went to Cambodia, where we forged relationships that still exist today. And you know what, our supporters are still shining on today to help the very first ministry we ever visited after being called into missions. Stunning, God. Just stunning.

I kind of went on a long walk down Memory Lane up there, but I think during these “repeat” chapters that’s ok. I think they are meant to draw up remembrances of blessings. In fact, the first word of the chapter is … “Remember (NLT).”

Writing prompt: remember

Write about something you remembered after reading this chapter. Doesn’t even have to be relevant! Maybe this chapter reminded you of a blessing you received or what you had for breakfast yesterday. Whatever it is, chase those thoughts on paper, and see where they lead.


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