Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 23

Let’s just start off talking about testicles and penises, shall we? I don’t really want to talk about testicles and penises, though, or about the spade each soldier was required to carry so that they could bury their poo. What I do want to talk about is the fact that things like slaves and prostitution and money lending existed in Israelite society. We’ve discussed briefly about how many verses like these from the Old Testament are taken out of context in modern society as a way to defunct Christianity. Somehow, because of these chapters, people draw the conclusion that God doesn’t love those who are penis-less or prostitutes. Quite the contrary, actually. God loves us DESPITE all these dumb things we do, just as he loved the Israelites. Guys, these odd rules didn’t just poof into existence out of thin air. They required devious acts and misdeeds, and those things were carried out by the Israelites … just like they are carried out by each of us today … and God loves us the same. I think we sometimes get this picture in our heads that because the Israelites were God’s chosen people and His “family members” that they were picture perfect in their actions. Nope. They murdered. They thieved. They raped. They cut off penises. They left their poo on the side of the road. Next time we’re given the opportunity to defend Old Testament chapters, I hope we can remember this and let it contribute to a Spirit-filled rebuttal that results in a new believer!

Writing prompt: testimony

Take a few minutes to write out a response to someone who doubts Jesus because of Old Testament chapters like these. If you can, and if the Spirit leads you, share it with someone and pray for them to receive freedom from their doubt.


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