Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 29

Have you ever known anyone who uses baptism to get away with every dirty deed he or she does? Like, they do something “sinful,” and their first response is, “Well, I’ve been baptized, so I’m already forgiven.” If you know someone like this, or if you have been someone like this (I confess I’ve thought this myself more than once), check out verses 19 and 20. That’s a no-no guys! “The Lord will not pardon such people.”

Some other verses that got an underline from my orange pen this morning are verses 4 and 29. Verse 4 says that God has not given the Israelites “minds that understand, eyes that see or ears that hear!” Moses sounds like he’s begging God to do just that! But he kind of concludes in verse 29 with the fact that the Israelites might not have the abilities (the Spirit) to see what he sees and understand what he understands, but they sure have seen and know a lot more than most people, and they will do well to remember that and pass it on to their children’s children. I particularly loved how verse 29 starts: “The Lord our God has secrets known to no one.” Chills. While I have no desire to know everything God knows, I’m grateful He gives us a deeper understanding of things when we ask Him to.

Writing prompt: orange underline

Did you underline anything today while reading? Write about what stood out to you today.


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