Bible studies for writers

Bible studies for writers | Deuteronomy 30

I could just gobble up this chapter. It’s so full of yumminess. Remember how we talked about all the doom and gloom Moses laid on in past chapters. Well, here, he emphasizes the blessings, the love, the redemption. He says, even if you stray, you can always come back as long as your heart is in it. That’s love right there. Not only will God welcome them back, but He’ll also change their hearts, but more importantly, … He’ll change “the hearts of all your descendants.” That’s us, guys!!! Moses kind of wraps it up by saying, “Listen, this isn’t that hard. You don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to do anything. All you have to do is love, which already is ‘on your lips and in your heart (NLT)’.”

Writing prompt: love

Even though we KNOW we possess the ability to love, why is it sometimes difficult to do? Write about a time (or times) when you could have loved better, and consider the reasons why you didn’t.


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